“Lover” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Heo Yeong-Ja (Image Source)

Heo Yeong-Ja

secretly downwards

on clear days
through clearness

on rainy days
through rain

in dew
in flowers
in the morning star…

my love

all creation
it is you
I see.


굽어보는 눈길

맑은 날은
맑은 속에

비 오면는
비 속에



이 온 삼라만상에

나는 그대를 본다.

  • Romantic. Sounds like another poem of Neruda.

    • Hmmm, I hadn’t really noticed, but I suppose they do both work with simple, unadorned language.

      For me, there’s something about 허영자’s poetry and its simplicity that I really enjoy. I don’t tend to seek out poems about love, longing, flowers, nature, etc., but I feel that she handles every topic in it way that goes beyond what’s expected.

      • it is the simplicity that makes it beautiful. all beautiful literature are simple, sweet and short.