Category: Popular

Choi Kyu-Seung (최규승)

“Waltz” by Choi Kyu-Seung

A woman embracing the shadow of a tree. In the darkly sparkling afternoon, she closes her eyes, breathes a beat and turns her head. Her surroundings blur and no one knows the woman staring outside...

Shin Hae-Wook (신해욱)

“Hands” by Shin Hae-Wook

You put on the glove. Your hands have become smaller somehow and because you’ve placed them on your knees, stranger still. * What I envied, actually, wasn’t you but your smooth fingers. You hold my...

Lee Yeong-Gwang (이영광)

“Canaan” by Lee Yeong-Gwang

“Where will Canaan go to church,” she asked. “The road’s rough, so keep close,” I said. As if it pleased her, she smiled and her whole floral-print jacket smiled along with her. This woman who...