“Wave” by Lee Soo-Myeong


Lee Soo-Myeong (image source)

A body having thrown itself does not rise.

What rises is an eagle,
an eagle’s eye,
and carried in that eye, a flame.

A fire
burning over water,

only an endless wave.


몸을 던진 사람은 떠로르지 않는다

떠오르는 것을 독수리
독수리의 눈
눈에서 이는 불길

물 위에는
타오르는 불길

끝없는 물결일뿐


Wave (물결) appears in  Cat Watching a Video of a Cat (고양이 보디오를 보는 고양이), published by Moonji in 2004. More poems by Lee Soo-Myeong can be found in the archives.