“Leaves, Too, Have Their Bruises” by Jeong Ho-Seung

Jeong Ho-Seung

Jeong Ho-Seung (image source)

Leaves, too, have their bruises.
Petals, too, have their bruises.
Walking across a field with you
and sitting to watch the changing evening colors,
leaves filled with bruises waved their hands.
It is the petals with many bruises
which have the sweetest scent.


풀잎도 상처가 있다
꽃잎도 상처가 있다
너와 함께 걸었던 들길 걸으면
들길에 앉아 저녁놀을 바라보면
상처 많은 풀잎들이 손을 흔든다
상처 많은 꽃잎들이
가장 향기롭다