“Even Smaller Love Song” by Hwang Dong-Kyu

Hwang Dong-Kyu

Hwang Dong-Kyu (image source)

In part of the lotus pond
a single petal plucked from a tree.
How fast it falls.
Falling, falling, falling still.

Laid atop the water
by this hand.


연못 한 모통이
나무에서 막 벗어난 꽃잎 하나
얼마나 빨리 달려가는지.
달려가다 달려가다 금시 떨어지는지.

꽃잎을 물 위에 놓아주는
이 손.


Hwang Dong-Kyu (1939—) earned his undergraduate and graduate degree from Seoul National University in English literature. His first pieces, “October” (10월) and “A Letter of Delight” (즐거운 편지), were published in Hyundae Munhak in 1958.

“Even Smaller Love Song” (더욱 더 조그만 사랑 노래) appears in A Snow Which Falls in Samnam (三南에 내리는눈), released in 1975 by Minumsa Publishing, and is a companion poem to “Small Love Song” (조그만 사랑 노래) and “Smaller Love Song” (더 조그만 사랑 노래).