Category: Fiction

Choi Ok-Jeong (최옥정)

“I Met an Old Woman: Day 1” by Choi Ok-Jeong

Day 1: A little girl spat on my shoes. While it didn’t actually hit but just sorta fell between them to the ground, I gave her a shove in the chest with my right hand....

Lee Hong (이홍)

“A Time of Goodbyes: Part 1” by Lee Hong

May, 1996: 19 year-old me is slowly slipping further away from home. The backs of a few buildings have already begun to blur by the time I arrive at the bus stop, bra strap adjusted...



Tonight’s the night. You swear it is. You drink just enough and smoke just enough to charm the pulsating convulsions of the room into submission, just long enough to make your way to her. You...