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Hwang In-Sook (황인숙)

“River” by Hwang In-Sook

Don’t open up to me about how lonely you are, how burdened you are, how much you want to go crazy, how sane you are,about the bugs in your heart, the moths in your wardrobe,...

Hwang In-Sook (황인숙)

“Sad Patriarch” by Hwang In-Sook

Thumb, index finger, middle finger. As you stare at your three outstretched fingers, I tell you that you’re making the face of someone about to cry. Your chest is torn in sadness, and because of...

Hwang In-Sook (황인숙)

“Love’s Wasteland” by Hwang In-Sook

In the morning paper, a face happened upon suddenly. After seeing it, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, my heart’s stings as if cut with a knife. The moment I saw a friend long dead...