Monthly Archive: June 2014

Moon In-Soo (문인수)

“The Long Arms of ‘I Miss You’” by Moon In-Soo

They say you’re walking the banks of a river in that country. Your small shoulders glisten like a butterfly. Though I only glimpsed from behind, the image of your return hung before my eyes, so I held out my...

Ko Un (고은)

“Love is the Lack Thereof” by Ko Un

Was it May? June? Seokkoku stems’ blossoms had flowered. If you walked on, settling waves of white Cow Parsnips would be in bloom. A day like this—the last traces of fading sunset, a chill and...

Choi Jeong-Rye (최정례)

“Thoughts, a Flock of Crows” by Choi Jeong-Rye

My night to you is midday, and your midday to me as night. Between us lie the breaking waves of the vast Pacific. Violent waves wander the dark and endless shoreline grasping at some meaning. But...