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덕장 (deokjang), drying rack,

“Drying Rack” by Kim Hye-Soo

Fom the clothesline hung on the drying rack, winter laundry which nobody managed to remove for several days stretches out. Before it could be dried, it froze and unfroze. Over rehardened clothing, a snow falls on what...

girl pointing and laughing

“My Face” by Kim Hye-Soo

When friends tease me, I feel like teasing back. My sniffling, crying face. My face, red like peppers.   친구가 나를 놀리면 나도 놀리고 싶어진다. 훌쩍훌쩍 우는 내 얼굴 고추 같이 빨간 내 얼굴  ...