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Shin Dal-Ja (신달자)

“At Dawn When Your Eyes Awake” by Shin Dal-Ja

At dawn when your eyes awake, birds that hugged the forest through the night take flight, laying light against my forehead. The wind and trees which watched over our dreaming whisper—in my ears a clear...

Shin Dal-Ja (신달자)

“Bird” by Shin Dal-Ja

For you, I was a bird. Unable to speak, only cry. A pitiful bird with no one to understand. And each day, to make my wings ache I flew to all the places you traveled....

Shin Dal-Ja (신달자)

“Deep in the Night” by Shin Dal-Ja

When I cry, why aren’t you there? Swallowing my tears this hungry night, I sought you. But you had disappeared from my darkened face. Loving you was not to have someone to cry together with,...