“Love’s Wasteland” by Hwang In-Sook

Hwang In-Sook

Hwang In-Sook (pictured left; image source)

In the morning paper,
a face
happened upon suddenly. After seeing it,
tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak,
my heart’s stings as if cut with a knife.

The moment I saw a friend long dead
my strength
was lost, I’ve lost, lost, the thought came
like lightning.

Time that wasn’t given to my friend but me
was lost, that’s how selfish I’ve become.

Time, I’ve lost to it.
I’ve lost.


아침 신문에서
느닷없이 마주친
얼굴, 영원히 젊은 그 얼굴을 보며
칼로 베인 듯 쓰라린 마음

오래전 죽은 친구를 본 순간
졌다, 내가 졌다, 졌다, 는 생각

그에겐 주어지지 않고 내게는 주어진 시간
졌다, 이토록 내가 비루해졌다
졌다, 시간에
나는 졌다.


“Love’s Wasteland” (사랑의 황무지) originally appeared in Daum – 70 Representative Korean Poets.