“Cat Burglar” by Lee Soo-Myeong

The cat has been rummaging through the trash again. The bag is torn, lying in shreds here and there. There’s no use in covering or closing the garbage can. Bread, snacks, and raw fish placed in my shopping bag — all of them always disappear from my bag. I’m continually disappearing too because the cat has stolen me.


고양이가 또 쓰레기를 뒤졌어요. 쓰레기 봉지가 여기저기 터져 있어요. 막아도 봉해도 소용없어요. 이젠 집에까지 들어오고 있어요. 빵이나 과자, 장바구니에 담긴 생선 들이 자꾸 없어져요. 나도 자꾸 사라지고 있어요. 고양이가 나를 훔쳤어요.