“Pleasant Nightmare” by Park Seong-Woo

School Classroom

I had gone to school to take final exams,
but a gorilla was gobbling up the classroom like a cookie.

Next to the gorilla,
a goat stood finishing up the test papers.

In the gym, a yellow-ringed snake
craftily coiled round the teachers was in mid yawn.

At a loss for what to do,
we gathered in groups, played our fill, then left for home.


기말고사 보려고 학교에 갔는데
고릴라가 교실을 비스킷처럼 끊어 먹고 있다

고릴라 곁에 있던 염소가
기말고사 시험지를 깡그리 먹어치우고 있다

운동장에서는 능구렁이가
선생님들을 능글능글 가로막고 하품 중이다

쩔쩔매던 우리들은 어쩔 수 없이
삼삼오오 모여 실컷 놀다가 집으로 간다