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Kim So-Yeon (김소연)

“Fortunate Things” by Kim So-Yeon

Rain is falling. When rain falls, I take out my cardigan from the closet to put on; when I wear my cardigan, I place my hands in the pockets; when I place my hands in...

Kim So-Yeon (김소연)

“Fading Flesh” by Kim So-Yeon

Monday, you left to go shopping. You bought thinly sliced jellyfish, then washed it. On the veranda, the green onions have bloomed and round snails rest on their blossoms. Tuesday, no matter how hard you...

Kim So-Yeon (김소연)

“Words That Make You” by Kim So-Yeon

Let’s say it’s a sigh. Let’s say that we didn’t have the skill to find the light ourselves. Spinning beyond the earth, ever the over-night worker, the old muscle of moonlight. Let’s say it’s a...