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Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“Lover” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Gaze secretly downwards on clear days through clearness on rainy days through rain in dew in flowers in the morning star… my love in all creation it is you I see.   그윽히 굽어보는 눈길...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“To the Leafless Tree” by Heo Yeong-Ja

The dark night fills with fear, but… The frigid winter is even worse, but.. Tree, O shivering tree, stripped of all your clothes, As joy comes at the end of a test, once the darkness...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“Rainy Days” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Rainy days, I’m reminded of my youth. That period where my heart stood like a tree woefully drenched in the rain. Rainy days, I’m reminded of my youth. A vague rain over a field of...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“And a Red Arrow Through the Heart” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Don’t touch. An unwavering stare. Having traveled far on foot with a red arrow through the heart, the act is impressive. Symmetrical curve to his shoulders: the image of peace from behind. Today even the...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“Gasoline” by Heo Yeong-Ja

I want to be a woman like gasoline. Have a light soul to avoid feeling rainbows, both warm and dangerous, a combustible chest– pure volatility, full-aged, leaving no residue of regret or grudges. I want...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“Untitled” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Like cool fresh water gushing up through cracks between rocks, like deep blue-green onion stalks lifting heads through snow-covered ground, both so clear and so pungent.   돌틈에서 솟아나는 싸늘한 샘물처럼 눈밭에 고개드는 새파란 팟종처럼...