“If That Too is Love” by Park Ra-Yeon

Kang Seong-Eun

Park Ra-Yeon

Even though they call softly,
soon in every moonlit alley

I hang
my everything
on flowers
recognizing someone like witnesses
and blooming radiantly

Because my entire body is a pupil

Because flowers
are the best calendar
for recognizing people

Each year it’s as if
everything life gives me
is for something else it earnestly
wishes it could say


나지막하게 불러도
금방 뒤돌아보는 달의 골목마다

사람을 알아본다는 한 증거처럼
환하게 피어나는
나는 내 모든 것을 걸었다

온몸이 눈동자여서다

사람을 알아보기 가장 좋은
달력에 끼워져서

이 세상에 저를 내미는 것은
전할 말이 있어서라는 듯


“If That Too is Love” (그것도 사랑이라면) originally appeared in Daum – 70 Representative Korean Poets.