Monthly Archive: January 2014

Moon Jeong-Hee (문정희)

“Yeah” by Moon Jeong-Hee

One sunlight-filled afternoon you asked, “Wanna do it with me?” My reply, which blossomed like a flower, “Yeah.” As a round sea, you rise above me. As a round moon, I rise below you. This...

Heo Yeong-Ja (허영자)

“And a Red Arrow Through the Heart” by Heo Yeong-Ja

Don’t touch. An unwavering stare. Having traveled far on foot with a red arrow through the heart, the act is impressive. Symmetrical curve to his shoulders: the image of peace from behind. Today even the...



Tonight’s the night. You swear it is. You drink just enough and smoke just enough to charm the pulsating convulsions of the room into submission, just long enough to make your way to her. You...