Monthly Archive: May 2014

Choi Ok-Jeong (최옥정)

“I Met an Old Woman: Day 1” by Choi Ok-Jeong

Day 1: A little girl spat on my shoes. While it didn’t actually hit but just sorta fell between them to the ground, I gave her a shove in the chest with my right hand....

Park Hyeon-Soo (박현수)

“A Prayer for Poetics” by Park Hyeon-Soo

Grant us a speech that never needs to spread vocal cords. Let us stand in the world with the eyes of a village wind arriving unfamiliar each day. Let poetry not develop as intended and the...

Lee Soo-Myeong (이수명)

“Brought to Bend” by Lee Soo-Myeong

I’m standing at the end of a corridor. Trying not to go to you, I bent down. Bent towards flowers blooming on the ground,towards the shadow of flowers in hiding. Having folded, I failed to...