“Lips” by Park Hyeong-Joon

Park Hyeong-Joon

Park Hyeong-Joon (image source)

Spring, midday.
Opening the air’s drawer,
I smell the scent of new life.
Warmed alcohol,
sunlight fallen between dew, and as we walk,
us, trying to speak only words with lips.
We blow our horns
towards the door to the future hung in the blue sky.
Holding firmly to the weak wind’s waist,
feel its secret words
collect in your ears.
Breathe deeply in the direction of the road
from where a tuned whistle blows.

Feel the language of lips
rustling your hem.


봄날 대낮
공기의 서랍을 열고
새로운 세상을 냄새 맡아요
따끈하게 데워진 술이
이슬로 내리는 햇살 사이 걸어갈 때
입술로만 말을 해봅니다
미래의 문들이 달린 창공을 향해
뿔나팔을 분답니다
가냘픈 바람의 허리를 붙잡고
당신의 귀밑에 부어넣어지는
밀어의 전언을 느껴보세요
거리를 향해 심호흡을 하고
조율한 휘파람을 날려보냅니다

당신의 옷자락에 살랑이는,
입술의 언어를 느껴보세요


“Lips” (입술) originally appeared in Daum – 70 Representative Korean Poets.